Nissan Yotto

Well, I present my proposal one more time for the 18 design competition organized by the magazine Autopista in collaboration with Nissan and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. This time I changed a bit the presentation format and I have made a sort guide/catalog of the model, so I leave here the images of where you can know a little more about it (besides a video presentation in which are some of the… Read more »

Porsche Stuttgart

The alarm rings at 7 and a half in the morning, get dressed quickly, eat breakfast, dress the children and bring them to class. At the school gate the phone rings: your boss arrives to the airport in ten minutes. Press the button: the back seats are pulled back, leaving 30 centimeters of extra space. You park right in front of the company, in an impossible space, look at his smile in the rearview mirror,… Read more »

Fourth project teaser: Porsche Stuttgart

Well, after a while with the website abandoned for lack of time (and because the latter project is the most complex so far) I leave a couple of teasers for the fourth design related to the motor world. As I said in the previous one, from now I will try to make more realistic and claims models beyond the purely aesthetic. So, and inspired by the advice of some of you, I decided to design… Read more »

Maserati Ábrego

Ábrego is the name of a wind that blows from the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula in autumn and winter, it’s humid, relatively hot and use to be associated to rain. Maserati used in some occasions winds names to baptize some of its models. Someone asked me reconsidering and after a few minutes, I knew he was right. It shares roots with me or at least with my people (I’m still looking for my place… Read more »

Third project teaser; Do you want to name it?

After three weeks of work (about 25 hours total), the third project is near to come to light. This time it’s a V12 coupe inspired by mythical models like the Maserati A6 GCS and some more modern model that did not pass the prototype stage as the A8 GCS Berlinetta was. So now we make, we need the name … Can do you think some name?

¿Por qué?

  ¿Por qué te vas tan pronto? ¿Por qué no duermes más? ¿Por qué te fuiste? ¿Por qué no vuelves? ¿Por qué no contestas? ¿Por qué miras a esa cosa así? ¿Por qué no descansas un rato? ¡¿Por qué?! Preguntas; preguntas que se amontonan desde que salía al recreo sin ganas de volver a ser el portero. Esta es una historia de amor, pero no es una historia bonita. Dicen que para ser feliz hay… Read more »

Ávalos DR.1

El primer proyecto independiente no dio el resultado esperado, ha recibido muchas críticas y no han sido muy alagüeñas. Sin embargo, como no es bueno dejar las cosas a medias, igualmente me gustaría explicaros un poco más a fondo los entresijos de este mi primer coche diseñado sólo y exclusivamente por beneficio personal y para intentar aprender un poco más. Antes de nada, os dejo con alguna imagen del proceso creativo, no tengo gran cosa… Read more »