Porsche Stuttgart

The alarm rings at 7 and a half in the morning, get dressed quickly, eat breakfast, dress the children and bring them to class. At the school gate the phone rings: your boss arrives to the airport in ten minutes. Press the button: the back seats are pulled back, leaving 30 centimeters of extra space. You park right in front of the company, in an impossible space, look at his smile in the rearview mirror, it’s comfortable, almost as much as his daily Panamera. Saturday plays out with bikes, you press the button again and the rear seat is pulled on the front, increasing the trunk almost to 1000 liters of cargo.

Sunday morning, you should stay in bed late, but those keys wake you early. Go to the garage, active sports exhaust, the suspension stiffens and open the door: it’s your time. And if I tell you that all this could be done with a single car?