Fourth project teaser: Porsche Stuttgart

Well, after a while with the website abandoned for lack of time (and because the latter project is the most complex so far) I leave a couple of teasers for the fourth design related to the motor world. As I said in the previous one, from now I will try to make more realistic and claims models beyond the purely aesthetic. So, and inspired by the advice of some of you, I decided to design a hatchback (vehicle of small dimensions and the integrated trunk) focused on the German mark exploring a niche untapped as are the luxury compacts. Seeing that others brands are launching its new models, this time there will be three different versions: Hybrid, 914 and GTS, which I will explain in detail very soon. It would be an alternative to models like the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, BMW 135i or Audi RS3 / S3 but adapted to the philosophy of Porsche (more discreet and rational).



Leave you with the words that inspired me: «Paraphrasing James May talking about the 80s AM V8 Vantage, it can not be the cock that boasts in the bar, talking loudly and saying how handsome, strong, handle and flirt it is. It must be the guy sitting to one side, holding stoically until, if necessary, decides he’s listening enough nonsense, pulls the cock out, and part of the face of a slap «.

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